The oldest therapy method

A massage can help with tiredness, muscle pain, it has a positive impact on the motion apparatus, it solves psychological stress and creates a relaxed atmosphere. It regenerates and detoxifies the whole organism, can fight also insomnia. A massage supports blood circulation in the skin and muscles, the subcutaneous connective tissue and it speeds up the metabolism.

Classic massage is an external manual therapy for problems in the field of motion apparatus using pressure, traction, shaking, stroking and knocking. With the help of classic massage, ill internal organs can be positively influenced too. The massage represents a stimulation therapy to which the organism replies. The classic massage is also known under the name „Swedish massage“ since its technique was developed for hundreds of years by the Swede Henri Peter Ling.

The main purpose of the massage is to store and recover the harmony of the organism using the art of touch. The classic massage is a concept consisting of five different hand movements on the skin. The massaging movements have an impact on the skin and the tissue under it and are received by the nerves. They lead these signals to the brain and arrange the production of the body’s own molecules to reduce pain. Thanks to the influence on the peripheral nervous system, the massage can also influence breathing, metabolism and blood circulation.

Effect of the classic massage

  • supports blood circulation
  • activates the immune system
  • improves the scar treatment
  • increases the ability to move the motion apparatus because of the muscle relaxation
  • decreases the stress hormones in blood
  • supports deep breathing and the production of mucus
  • makes the skin and the tissue under it feel balanced and cared about
  • improves the feeling of the whole body
  • dissolves fears
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