Muscle therapy

The techniques of the manual therapy are a vital part of the therapy and rehabilitation process. Their task it to normalise the functions of the motion apparatus. Based on earlier exams, we influence the optimal function of fine tissues, joints and spine through this therapy.

Manual therapy

The manual therapy is based on special hand movements which serve to localise and analyse the motion disorder in the field of the limb joints or spine in the frame of the diagnosis. This diagnosis serves as a basis for therapeutical hand movements which are performed by the physiotherapist as so called mobilisation.

The manual therapy is especially effective and at the same time gentle for

·            joints of the limbs
·            joints of the spine
·            head and jaw joint
·            joints on the rib cage and pelvis

According to the anatomy of the affected joint, the manual therapist chooses special hand movements and motion techniques to ease the problems.

The techniques are appropriate for the reduction of pain as well as for mobilisation of the motion limits. The prerequisite is that the limits are caused by a reversible function disorder of the joint or of the muscles corresponding to the joint. The choice of each mobilisation technique used by the physiotherapist is determined by the diagnosis, the limited motion direction and the form of the joint.

Techniken der manuellen Therapie und lympdrainage sind ein wesentlicher Bestandteil des Behandlungs- und Rehabilitationsverfahrens.

Techniques of the manual therapy

With traction, the therapist removes both joint surfaces from each other thanks to soft traction. It reduces the pressure and pain and makes the joint capsule and the bands around more relaxed.

Slide technique
With the help of the slide technique, the physiotherapist moves both joint surfaces in a parallel direction to each other. This improves the joint function and the motion feels easier.

Relaxation, stretch and slide techniques
A choice of special relaxation, stretch and slide techniques finally improves the state of the muscles and nerve pathways to let the newly won motion freedom be fully used.

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