A machine for limb strengthening

The machine is used for strengthening of the upper and lower limbs, appropriate for children older than 2 years and for adults.

A machine with power drive and computer control.

Possibilities of the settings:

• speed of the rotation
• time of the exercise
• difficulty of the exercises – depending on the physical abilities of the patients

This machine contains a programme to make tension more relaxed. At the beginning of the exercise, the machine automatically evaluates the spasm of the muscle limbs and sets the optimal protection for the existing spasm. Motron is appropriate for active and passive exercises. Because this machine automatically recognizes the muscle strength, it motivates the patient to develop even small hidden strength further and therefore strengthen the muscles. The machine shows the proportional details of the active and passive influence of the left and right limb at the same time. Because this machine moves the limbs, it comes to an improvement of blood circulation and we avoid the formation of more health problems. The machine influences positively also stiff pelvis and thigh muscles.


Cerebral paresis

Parkinson Disease

Spina bifida

Brain stroke

muscular dystrophy


multiple sclerosis

paralysis of the limbs

Appalic syndrome

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