Oxygen therapy

During the oxygen therapy, the patient breathes in an oxygen mixture with a high proportion of oxygen.

The importance of oxygen for people

A man can go weeks without eating, days without water, but he dies after a few minutes without oxygen. Manfred von Ardenne discovered that the intake of oxygen and its use decreases with higher age and with diseases on less than a half compared to our youth. (Oxygen shortage leads to tiredness, apathy, it weakens the circulation and immune system.) The more physical and mental stress, lack of motion, overweight, smoking and alcohol, environment contaminants etc. influence our bodies, the stronger this reduced intake is. He discovered also that the oxygen use can be significantly improved if the body takes in excess of oxygen during a certain time period (4 to 5 times more oxygen than in normal air).

Effects of the oxygen therapy

The effects of the oxygen therapy are various:

o persistent increase of physical and mental performance ability
o improvement of the blood circulation in brain, heart, fingers, toes and o skin
o prevention for heart and circulation diseases
o detoxification effects for environment pollutants
o regeneration after exhaustion and tiredness
o slowdown of the increased natural altering processes
o prevention against infections
o improvement and stabilising of the immune system
o increase of the ability to focus
o improvement of condition in job and sports
o improvement of sleep

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