RehaZentrum MALOVEC

Rehabilitation for children and adults

RehaZentrum MALOVEC offers ambulatory neurorehabilitation for children and adults.

Rehabilitation in RehaZentrum Malovec

In our rehabilitation centre, the therapy programme is adjusted individually for patients to reach an optimal rehabilitation success. As the only provider in Austria, we offer a unique TheraSuit method. The goal of out therapy is to treat motor disorders like spasticity, power loss and/or coordination disorders with consequences for the posture, motion, walking and holding function. An important aspect of the therapy concept is the participation of parents.

In the individual therapy, specific disease images of our patients are treated. Motion and activity are essential basis for children and adults

  • with cerebral paresis
  • sensomotoric disorders, multiple sclerosis, after brain bleeding, skull brain trauma, after encephalitis, diseases of the spine, brain tumours, Morbus Parkinson and peripheral nerve damage.

Our experienced Reha Team supports all patients with the latest therapy methods to let them come back into their everyday life with the best possible independence. To reach the best therapy successes, you can expect along personal care also the now most effective and newest therapy robots. Our therapy area is equipped with the latest machines on the newest technical level.

Performance spectrum in RehaZentrum MALOVEC

  • TheraSuit method
  • walking therapy supported by a machine – LokoHelp
  • physiotherapy
  • physiotherapy on a machine
  • PNF /proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation/
  • manual therapy
  • manual lymph drainage
  • classic massage
  • kinesiotape
  • physical therapy:
    • cold
    • warm

The rehabilitation performance is available during the opening hours or according to an agreement.


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