System of elastic bands

TheraSuit is a soft, proprioceptive supporting suit. It serves as a tool for patients with neurological disorders. This method is based on a special TheraSuit. Thanks to the special ropes with individual handles, it is possible to activate muscles, support the right head position or ensure correction techniques. All elastic bands are equipped with tools to regulate tension which can be adjusted for the trunk and limbs between 15 and 40kg.

The disease image of many disorders in the field of central nervous system consists of imbalance of the tension state of certain muscles (hypotony / hypertony) and of disordered self-perception (Proprioception). There is always a wrong and weak proprioceptive feedback for the brain. The orthosis TheraSuit allows to correct the quality and direction of patient’s movements for static postures as well as during motion. The suit does not limit the patient’s motor skills. Reduction of pathological reflexes, formation of correct motion patterns and therefore modification of motion schemes in the brain are possible.

Positive effects of TheraSuit:

  • influences the change of reaction of the central nervous system
  • ensures outer stability of the body
  • normalises the muscle tone
  • ensures dynamic correction
  • normalises (improves) the way of walking
  • ensures tactile stimulation (sense of touch)
  • influences the vestibular system (equilibrium)
  • improves the feeling of balance
  • improves the coordination of the movements
  • reduces the uncontrolled movements caused by ataxia and athetosis
  • improves the awareness of the body and space
  • represents support for weak muscles
  • creates resistance against strong muscles to support the weak muscles
  • influences the ability to speak with better control of the head and with support of the trunk
  • supports the development of gross and fine motor skills
  • improves the bone density
  • helps to avoid stiffness
  • helps to improve the position of hips with vertical resistance of the hip joint
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