Medical Rehabilitation

The complex rehabilitation focuses on the elimination of disabilities and functional disorders or on minimising the consequences of the disabilities. The rehabilitation is one of the main goals of the therapy for children with cerebral paresis, although one cannot draw an exact line between therapy and rehabilitation.

How does TheraSuit work?

Thanks to its construction, TheraSuit represents a soft, dynamic orthopaedic tool. Its main function is to improve the deep proprioception, self-perception of the body, and change the pressure on joints, ligaments and muscles. TheraSuit helps to reduce pathological reflexes of patients, supports the controlled cooperation of muscles and gives the body a feeling of weight, similar to the reaction of muscles to gravity which affects us every day. All of this helps to normalise the vestibular-proprioceptive input, which equals all pieces of information coming into our balance system. The vestibular system is very important. It collects and processes also all information which come from the muscles, joints, tendons etc., influences the muscle tone, balance and the position of the body in the space.

„The better the proprioception of the joints, muscles, tendons, joint capsules etc., the better the body posture. Impulses which lead false information can be replaced by new and more precise ones. The patient with the diagnosis of cerebral paresis or other neuro-motor changes has to repeat each movement hundred times to create a normal, smooth motion sequence. This normalisation works quicker for one person, another person needs several thousands of repeats.

For example, a baby who tries to stand up from the ground will manage this only after hundreds of attempts. For children with cerebral paresis, the “magical” number grows up to thousand attempts, until the ability has been learned. The use of TheraSuit during a long time period therefore improves the proprioception, the process has been accelerated. With the help of TheraSuit and the physical therapy, new abilities can be performed more easily and they need less and less effort. This way, TheraSuit makes the development of the gross and fine motor skills and the abilities to sit, stand and walk much easier.


– Children with cerebral paresis
– Patients after stroke
– Traumatic brain injuries
– Spine injuries
– Neuromuscular disorders


2 to 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, over 3 to 4 weeks

First week: reduction of muscle tone, reduction of pathological motion patterns and improvement of active, correct motion patterns as well as general improvement of strength

Second week: Improvement of strength of specific muscle groups essential for normal body functions

Third week: Use of increased strength and condition of the child for the improvement of functions (sitting, crawling, walking)

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