The mostly used natural source

In the balneotherapy, wrapping with turf has had its stabile position. Its usefulness has been known for generations. Turf is an organic sediment which is formed in moors. It is built from the accumulation of not at all or just partly decomposed plant substances. Turf contains a lot of nutrients, natural trace elements, minerals and substances which can get through the skin well. Turf is rich in organic substances, mainly humic acid, tannins, wax and enzymes. Turf helps especially with the therapy of skin eczema, accelerates the absorbance of bruises, supplies the muscles and joints with blood.

Principle of the turf-wraps

We use warm turf which has special physical features. It saves up and transfers warmth very well. Turf can be placed on the skin with the temperature of 60°C without causing any damage, because the temperature is transferred only slowly during the therapy. This feature is what differs turf from other healing earths which are also used in the balneotherapy. A massage with a moor stamp can transfer a lot of warmth to the body without any uncomfortable feelings. The warmth affects deeper body parts if used correctly.

Effects of the turf-wraps

  • body relaxation and easing of tissues
  • stimulation of metabolism, blood circulation and immune system
  • has reflective effects on the internal organs
  • support of fast absorbance of bruises

General turf-wrap process

Special massage stamps are used for the turf-wrap and they are filled with moor. Instead of a normal cotton cloth, a special plastic material can be used for the stamp massage as well, which is also used for moor pillows.

Firstly, the moor stamps are heated up on around 60°C. The skin is oiled with the massage oil and eased. Now, the hot stamps can be carefully placed on the skin in a dot pattern. The masseur normally uses two moor stamps at the same time. The moor stamp massage begins with gentle and short touches of the skin. That is how the body gets used to the warmth. Later, the masseur can spread the moor stamps along the affected body spots and extensively massage the skin using circling movements.

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